The Extended Therapy Room Foundation

Therapeutic Practice | Research | Knowledge Exchange

The main purpose for The Extended Therapy Room Foundation is to describe, and by a social and therapeutic practice mediate a humanistic and sustainable knowledge based on a relational and a no diagnostic perspective.

Through daily practice which combines ordinary life knowledge, lived experience and professional knowledge, research and network exchange our aim is to be an alternative to the psychiatric paradigm.

We don’t promise any general “solutions”, since they don’t exist, either in the professional work or in life itself. The most essential is about something else, to be present with the one whom it concerns and to take into consideration different perspectives of life.

Experience and knowledge is mediated in our big global network where people from different backgrounds meet and share essential issues, dreams and hopes.

– Carina Håkansson, Founder of Family Care Foundation, PhD in psychology, licensed psychotherapist

– Hanna Lundblad, psychotherapist and social worker

– A number of experienced family homes

Jan Pålsson, licensed psychotherapist and supervisor

– Ewa Isberg-Williams, clinical psychologist, licensed psychotherapist

– Marie Kjellgren, factotum

– Tobias Olbers, accountant, Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå AB

Lars LerinLars Lerin 1986.

Our board consists of:

Matz Sparrman, Licensed. psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and consultant

Suzanne Osten, playwright and director. Founder of Unga Klara. Children’s film Ambassador

Ottar Ness, professor in Mental Health Care

Roland Paulsen, Dr in sociology and writer

Carina Håkansson who is also the founder of The Extended Therapy Room Foundation


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Carina Håkansson, leg. psykoterapeut, lektor, doktor i psykologi/ psykoterapi

Eva Dahlstrand, samordnare och administratör

Ewa Isberg Williams, leg. psykolog

Jan Pålsson, leg. psykoterapeut, handledare, lärare


Lars LerinLars Lerin 1986.



Matz Sparrman, legitimerad psykoterapeut, handledare, lärare

Suzanne Osten, dramatiker och regissör

Ottar Ness, professor i psykisk hälsa

Carina Håkansson, grundare av Det Utvidgade Terapirummet