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The Family Care Foundation was founded in 1987 from the vision to work among people, and to contribute to a better world. Daily practice was based on a close cooperation between family homes, clients, their families and professional helpers. Over the years Family Care Foundation grew far beyond its statutes, and in 2015 The Extended Therapy Room Foundation was created.
More than 30 years filled with burning commitment by therapeutic meetings, consultations, training, talks, arranging the international filmfestival Driving Us Crazy, conferences, research, and cofounding The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal.

In the beginning we were very few, today we are part of a big international network. Find some of our outsources and collaborators here.

Together we share the idea that:

• Relations and context play a most important role in human life, especially when life is at stake

• Alternatives to psychopharmaceuticals and psychiatric diagnosis must be available for those who want

• The therapeutic room is extended by ordinary life knowledge and art

• Responsibility, presence and participation is essential phenomena for change to happen

Carina Håkansson founded The Family Care Foundation and The Extended Therapy Room. More than 30 years of experience by family home placement, social work, psychotherapy and alternatives to traditional psychiatry make her a very appreciated lecturer, teacher and mentor. She looks forward to be engaged in contexts which are meant to create change and better life conditions.

Contact information: or mobile 0046 702 398401


Carina presents: The Extended Therapy ROOM – its history, practice, research and theoretical understanding.



Matz Sparrman, Licensed. psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and consultant

Suzanne Osten, playwright and director. Founder of Unga Klara. Children’s film Ambassador

Ottar Ness, professor in Mental Health Care

Carina Håkansson, founder of The Extended Therapy Room Foundation


Lars LerinLars Lerin 1986.


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Matz Sparrman, legitimerad psykoterapeut, handledare, lärare

Suzanne Osten, dramatiker och regissör

Ottar Ness, professor i psykisk hälsa

Carina Håkansson, grundare av Det Utvidgade Terapirummet


Lars LerinLars Lerin 1986.