A view from my window


I love the view from my window at our new office Järntorget 4; trams, people from all over the world, bikes, cars, balloons, children, teens, old women and men, cherry trees, beautiful houses, less beautiful houses, dogs, some cats who maybe have lost track… shops, restaurants, bars, and some flowers.

Especially I love to watch the people walking back and forth, it is such a variety of colors, styles, mood, temperament, ages… I know nothing about the people I watch, some of them I will never see again, others will walk across the square often, some might be known to me, and I will be known to them…

The square reminds me of the extended worldwide network we are part of, all the people who in one way or another are connected to each other, most of us do not know each other personally, but sometimes we meet, for a short while or for a longer period of time. Experience is exchanged, so are thoughts, wonderings, feelings and dreams. Sometimes the meeting becomes life changing. Sometimes we get to know about it, and sometimes we don’t. It happens in silence and beyond words.

Life changing meetings also happens in daily work where I am blessed to be part of a group who know each other and who trust each other. Some days ago Hanna, Alexandra and I met with a bunch of family homes here in our office, and the conversations were amongst other things about life changing meetings, for ourselves as well as for those who we sometimes call clients.

Now it’s time for me to leave the computer for a while and to do some practical preparations for the party which will be held in a couple of hours, to celebrate our extended work together with lots and lots of people all over the globe.