The Extended Therapy Room Foundation

Purpose and Vision

The purpose and vision is to extend therapeutic work to also become part of a community – and social based mission.

To create a space for people to meet, and to share essential humanistic and sustainable experience and knowledge with the purpose to create a better world.

The essential meeting between ordinary life knowledge, research and therapeutic practice

The knowledge and proven experience in The Extended Therapy Room has been developed and shaped by the encounter between ordinary life knowledge and therapeutic practices, and through research and participation in national and global networks consisting of a range of people with different backgrounds, nationalities and experiences.

A continuation of more than 25 years of work at the Family Care Foundation

Family Care Foundation’s work, it´s network and knowledge have been extended in such a radical way that it no longer fits within its purposes statutes. Neither research, nor educations were activities that we suspected would be relevant in our work when our operations began in 1987. We didn’t anticipate the enlargement that has taken place, including cooperation with professional “helpers”, people with personal experience of being defined patients, researchers, artists and all those who will not fit into a category. Neither did we know that our practice would become a doctoral thesis (Håkansson, 2014) which serves as inspiration and knowledge expansion in a number of contexts in numerous countries.

A meeting point for research and ordinary life knowledge

To create a meeting point on earth for people of various kinds: researchers, practitioners, those who are called clients and those who do not have a “title”.

Our foundation will create a Research- Centre that assumes our practices, a place for both individual researchers and for researchers from different countries and in different areas to meet.

Influenced by many years of collaboration with family homes where the kitchen is the meeting point for conversations and essential meetings, the Research Centre will be manifested in a physical house. A beautiful place to return to, and a place to share essential knowledge with other fellow human beings.

Therapeutic practice

Meetings between people include an I and a You. This is essentially important when life is at stake, and when we are not sure how to be in the world. There are no predetermined answers, or “solutions”. The essence is about something else; to be there in the moment with the person it concerns and to take into consideration many different aspects of human life.

Our therapeutic practice is an alternative to the medical model within psychiatry, we meet people without any manuals, diagnosis and specific methods. We meet children and both young and old adults. Our stance in life is of utmost importance, so are our ideas about the other person, about ourselves and the world surrounding us.

We meet both single people and groups of people in therapeutic conversations. When needed, we also include a family home.

– Carina Håkansson, Founder of Family Care Foundation, PhD in psychology, licensed psychotherapist

– Hanna Lundblad, psychotherapist and social worker

– Jan Pålsson, licensed psychotherapist and supervisor

– Ewa Isberg-Williams, clinical psychologist, licensed psychotherapist


Carina Håkansson who is also the founder of The Extended Therapy Room Foundation
Suzanne Osten, playwright and director. Founder of Unga Klara. Children’s film Ambassador
Roland Paulsen, Dr in sociology and writer
Ottar Ness, professor in Mental Health Care
Matz Sparrman, Licensed. psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and consultant

Role models and mentors

Humans who have an attitude towards life, who take a stance and who don’t allow themselves to be discouraged by the fact that it is difficult at times to deal with life conditions. A vivid crowd: writers, politicians, scientists, “patients”, psychotherapists, artists, family homes and all those who will not fit into these categories. You will meet many of these people on this page and in our work.


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