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Yesterday we received an e mail from Kerstin Hopstadius who amongst many other things has translated Carina’s book “Ordinary Life Therapy” to English.

Kerstin writes; “Former Folk High School teacher Alf Ahlberg* wrote in his book ‘The history of Philosophy’ some lines about the French philosopher Bergson which despite the old fashioned language still are very up to date”:

“Bergson’s lasting importance ought foremost to be his effective warnings not to mix the conceptions we use with reality itself. The fact that life itself is richer than our conceptions, there are more to be found not just between the earth and the sky, but also in the tiny things which can be exhausted in the form of a conception. Science can just provide some constructive schedules, but never reality in its concrete richness and diversity- this is all old truths, still truths, which time forcible has to be reminded about. Again and again.” (Ahlberg, 1946, p 723).

*Alf Ahlbergs was Barbro Sandins mentor and close friend