Little seed and large oak

Just recently, our group spent a day with P. Tudor-Sandahl and C. Sandahl talking about our work, its practices and visions. We mentioned the people we meet daily, and also all those we don’t meet so often but who are included in different ways. We talked about our dreams, about why we do what we do and about the joy of being part of something that very much is “for real”. We also talked about rules and regulations, formalities and financing – all the short and long term obstacles and difficulties we have to cope with. We put words on our fatigue, frustration, resignation and those brief moments of powerlessness. But even more we spoke about joy, meaningfulness, context, participation and the importance of being there.

Someone reminded us of the little seed in the soil and how it silently grows, branches out and finds its basis. The seed that is dependent on light, hope – and someone else’s participation and presence.

We didn’t find it hard to identify with the seed and its conditions, but the parable wasn’t totally accurate. Is what we do akin to a seed, Hanna asked and then suggested that we rather bear the semblance of a large oak tree with bushy and “experienced” branches. It was suddenly very quiet in the room, as if each one of us had to cover the gap between the small seed and the big oak. We realized that it is in that gap we find ourselves, both as individuals and as an organization.

We are not one or the other, but both. Or maybe neither one nor the other, but something else. Something that cannot be defined or limited, but that we know needs air and light to grow, take hold and develop a solid crown with strong branches.