Pharmaceuticals – risks and alternatives

SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM on the 15th of October in Gothenburg, Sweden. International research and evidence based practice regarding alternatives to treatment with pharmaceuticals.

The number of psychiatric diagnoses and prescriptions of pharmaceuticals to children, youths and adults have sharply increased in Sweden as well as the rest of the Western world in recent decades. How does this affect individuals and society in general?

More and more people are searching for knowledge about the risks attached to pharmaceuticals and about withdrawal. We have gathered an internationally acknowledged group of scientists, clinicians and people with their own lived experience to discuss this vital issue and present alternatives.

Birgitta Alakare, psychiatrist, Finland
Carina Håkansson, PhD and licensed psychotherapist, Sweden
Jaakko Seikkula, professor and psychologist, Finland
John Read, professor and psychologist, Great Britain
Olga Runciman, psychologist, Denmark
Robert Whitaker, science journalist, USA
Sami Timimi, professor and child psychiatrist, Great Britain
Will Hall, educator, doctoral student, USA
Volkmar Aderhold, PhD, psychiatrist, Germany

Time and place: 15th of October from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Folkets Hus in Gothenburg
Fee: SEK 500 kronor for private persons, SEK 950 exclusive VAT for companies/ organizations. All the presentations will be translated to Swedish
Attendance confirmation by the 15th of September at the latest to