Therapeutic Practice

We have by long practice based knowledge experienced how human life crisis are possible to make sense of in a context together with others. We know the importance of the words we use and relationships to others. Our practice is based on something else than the psychiatric model with its diagnosis and prescriptions of pharmaceuticals. To be available is essential and also to adapt the therapeutic work to that which is needed.

We meet children, teenagers and adults. Sometimes in individual conversations and sometimes in family meetings or in extended therapy conversations which include those who “need to be there”. We gain trust to the human ability and wish to be present in one’s own and other’s lives.

Sometimes two therapists work together, and when needed we include one of the family homes who are part of our organization.

During the first visit we are always two therapists since we tend to see and hear more than what a single therapist manages.

WELCOME to book a first visit or if you have any further questions.

Our address is Järntorget 4 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Telephone number is +4631- 12 00 60.