Welcome to the Extended Therapy Room

Last Sunday we were at the gala premiere of Suzanne Osten’s movie “The girl, her mother and the demons.” Important and shocking – and reminiscent of how life conditions all the way from the start have a significant importance. But also about the power of the impermanent, the importance of having people around us, that we are not separate islands. That life is constant movement!

UKON has written a new book, “Glömskans bibliotek”(The library of oblivion), which is a must for all of us who in our life and work meet other people. His book also reminds us of life’s conditions, its whimsical nature and all that we cannot know with certainty. But we can listen, we can try to be there.


Yesterday Elinor Hägg, our communicator who among other things will help us with the website, started her work. She walked around here at Järntorget 4 and photographed, and some of the pictures we want to share with you. We also want to share the passion, thoughtfulness, excitement, joy – and our quiet everydayness – with you. We want our place to be open, inviting and challenging. At the same time. Or a little of each. At least sometimes.

On Monday, April 18 we are visited by Lois Holzman us, and we still have a few seats left … Do not miss this unique meeting with a passionate woman full of knowledge and experience.

A lot has happened since last we wrote. We’ve had a meeting with Space For Change, initiated by John Holmberg, Göran Carstedt and Martin Sande. We’ve met several new clients, young and adults. Contacts with psychiatry have been taken, and we have had a meeting with Social Resurs here in Göteborg. And we’ve bought stationary, bookcases, desks, biscuits, coffee and other necessities.

We are right in the middle of designing a knowledge seminar – International Research and Practice of Psychiatric Drug Risk and Withdrawal, which will be held in Göteborg on 15 October. Among the invited speakers are Sami Timimi, Olga Runciman, Jaakko Seikkula, Volkmar Aderhold, Carina Håkansson, Robert Whitaker, Will Hall, John Read and Joanne Moncrieff.

Invitation and information on how you register will be published by the end of May, but reserve 15 October already today. On April 29, we have a housewarming party and two days before that, on April 27, we have a first meeting with the familjehem (“family homes”) that in one way or another will be an important part of our work. Their everyday knowledge, together with psychotherapeutic knowledge, form the basis our work with the extended therapy room. It is not simplistic approaches, diagnoses or technologies that are essential when meeting a person whose life is at stake. It’s about something else: using you own and other people’s significant life experiences in a sufficiently safe and holding structure, and being there with the Other.

Welcome to us at Järntorget 4!