Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs: How, When and Why?




International Institute for Psychiatric Drugs (IIPDW) which was created at the International Scientific Symposium last October in Gothenburg has created its first course “Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs: How, When and Why?”.

Last week participants from nine countries met during two days, each one bringing essential experience and knowledge.

Psychiatrists, family members and people with own lived experience of being defined “psychiatric patient”, psychotherapists, nurses, lecturers, and social workers shared knowledge about how to withdraw in a safe way and what is important during the process.

Some other themes were; How to make use of one’s own lived experience, either being a so called patient or a professional helper? What does research say about the evidence for psychiatric diagnosis and the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs? How to involve important people in the network to support people to get off drugs?

The facilitators for the two first days were Carina Håkansson, Sami Timimi and Olga Runciman.

Part II of the course will take place during three days in October, the facilitators will be Robert Whitaker, Peter Gøtzsche, Will Hall and Carina Håkansson.


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