Konferens: Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs

Läs mer om IIPDW:s första konferens på engelska nedan:

Reykjavik, Iceland
Friday 16 – Saturday 17 October 2020

This is the first conference of the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, and will bring together international experts in the field, and leaders from many different countries. The three themes underpinning the conference are safe withdrawal from psychiatric medication, alternatives to psychiatric medication, and the need to question the dominance of medication in mental health care.

The main speakers have been confirmed:

Bob Whitaker
Bob is an international critic of the psychiatric establishment, and author of ‘Mad in America’ and ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’. He will talk about how and why psychiatric medication has taken psychiatry in an unhelpful direction.

Joanna Moncreiff
Joanna is a London-based critical psychiatrist and researcher, and author of ‘The Myth of the Chemical Cure’ and ‘The Bitterest Pills’.
She will talk about why psychiatric medication is such a problem.

Laura Delano
Laura is an ex-psychiatric patient from USA who has left the mental health system behind, and now directs two projects: the ‘Inner Compass Initiative’ and ‘The Withdrawal Project’.
She will talk about the reality of psychiatric drug withdrawal, from her own experience.

Magnus Hald
Magnus is a psychiatrist at the University Hospital of North-Norway, and is currently setting up one of Norway’s state-sponsored drug-free treatment units in Tromsø.
He will talk about the background to this ground-breaking initiative, and its progress.

Other conference events:

  • Formal welcome, and presentations of work and issues in Iceland
  • Updates on progress in various other countries
  • Reflection and connection groups
  • Plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking
  • Conference dinner
  • Opportunity (on Sunday 18 October) to explore Reykjavik and Iceland

More information and booking will be available on the IIPDW website from 1 April: www.iipdw.org